Mental Models For Marketing by Corey Haines

Mental Models For Marketing

Learn how to use mental models — simple frameworks for thinking — to be more strategic, produce the best work of your life, and think like a top-tier marketer.

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What you'll learn

In-depth training on the most essential mental models for marketers.

We'll cover 40+ mental models with thorough explanations of each. This isn't stuff you can cover in a simple blog post. After each lesson, you'll be tested on your knowledge retention so you can start practicing to remember these mental models in real life.

How to apply mental models in real-life scenarios and tasks.

It's not just theory, either. I'll give as many tangible examples of how each mental model can be applied as I can find. Mental models are purposed to actually be used, so we'll go through the steps you can take to implement as you go.

Principles, rules, and frameworks that you'll be able to take with you for the rest of your career.

Unlike the hacks, tricks, and tactics you're used to hearing about... mental models are forever. These are rules for life. Rules of persuasion. Rules of decision-making. And they'll never go out of date.

Why buy this course?

Get years of learning and the thoughts and experiences of some of the smartest marketers and entrepreneurs in just ~40 video lessons and a couple hours of content.

And unlike the hacks, tricks, and tactics you're used to hearing about... mental models are forever. These are rules for life. Rules of persuasion. Rules of decision-making. And they'll never go out of date.

You'll be able to take what you learn in this course with you for the rest of your career.
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"Hands down the most tactical marketing strategy course I've taken (probably ever). [Corey] is a f'in genius 💯"

Aditya Sheth

Who teaches this?

Hey! I'm Corey — the former Head of Growth at Baremetrics and previously one of the first marketing hires at Cordial

You can find me on Twitter, helping marketers find their next great career opportunity at, teaching SaaS founders and indie hackers marketing at, writing detailed teardowns of marketing examples at, or — surprise, surprise — studying up on the mental models that the most successful marketers and entrepreneurs use.


Will it be worth it?

You can learn tactics, tricks, and fads anywhere. This is the only place you'll find content about how to be more strategic using mental models just for marketing. That said, it will  only be worth it if you go and apply it. You cannot truly learn without practicing.

How long can I access the course for?

Forever and ever and ever.

How long does this course take to complete?

The content could be consumed in a single day if you really wanted to plow through that much at once. But I don't recommend that. It's recommended that you consume the content in bite-sized chunks which should take 1-2 weeks to go through.

What if I don't like it or it's not applicable to me?

I'll gladly refund your money, no questions asked, if you truly didn't get anything out of it or bought thinking it was something completely different.

Is this just for junior marketers?

Definitely not! In fact, it's just as applicable to senior marketers, if not MORE applicable since senior marketers are already more involved in strategic efforts that require a lot of critical thinking. Founders can also make good use of these lessons. This course is completely experience, title, and industry agnostic!

What's included?

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What are mental models and why are they important?
12 mins
How to make the most of this content
4 mins
Problem-Solving Mental Models
Intro to Problem-Solving
2 mins
First Principles
8 mins
Jobs To Be Done
20 mins
The Circle of Competence
11 mins
7 mins
Fundamental Attribution Error
3 mins
Measure vs Magnitude
10 mins
The Cobra Effect
8 mins
Awareness & The Customer Journey
12 mins
Value/Price Ratio
5 mins
42 mins
Second-Order Thinking
11 mins
Law of Diminishing Returns
7 mins
Ockham's Razor & Overfitting
8 mins
Opportunity Costs
9 mins
Pareto's Principle
6 mins
Local vs Global
10 mins
Theory of Constraints
6 mins
Probabilistic Thinking
8 mins
Minimum Path to Value & Hick's Law
8 mins
Persuasion Mental Models
Intro to Persuasion
1 min
6 mins
Pain-Dream-Fix, Hero's Journey, & Human Action Model
9 mins
5 mins
Commitment & Consistency
13 mins
Loss Aversion
8 mins
Need to Complete
6 mins
8 mins
15 mins
7 mins
Social Proof
17 mins
13 mins
10 mins
7 mins
Regret Minimization
7 mins
8 mins
Process Mental Models
Intro to Process
1 min
Innovation vs Optimization
12 mins
7 mins
7 mins
Eisenhower Matrix
8 mins
Product Announcement Matrix
5 mins
Good, Cheap, or Fast
5 mins
Effort vs Impact
4 mins
4 mins
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