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Ongoing Mentoring 1 hr + Async

$200 / month
$2,000 / year (save 17%)
  • We'll meet 2x/mo for 30 minutes each OR 1x/mo for 60 minutes each 
  • You come prepared with questions, problems, and discussion points
  • I'll ask for updates, challenge your thinking, and dig in to help you find solutions
  • We can slack or email back and forth as much as you'd like. I'm your marketing guy!
  • You stay onboard for as long as you need to get on track with accomplishing what you want with marketing and growth

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Ongoing Mentoring 2 hrs + Async

$400 / month
$4,000 / year (save 17%)
  • Everything above +
  • We'll meet 4x/mo for 30 minutes each or 2x/mo for 60 minutes each
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Ongoing Mentoring 4 hrs + Async

$800 / month
  • Everything above +
  • We'll meet 4x/mo for 60 minutes each

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