Refactoring Growth

The growth marketing course for SaaS indie hackers, founders, and developers.

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The Refactoring Growth Framework
6 mins
Is Marketing Necessary?
7 mins
How To Make The Most Of This Course
2 mins
Market: The First Factor Of Growth
5 mins
Choose The Right Market
19 mins
Why Customer Research Is The Cornerstone Of Growth
8 mins
Using Surveys For Customer Research
14 mins
Using Video Calls For Customer Research
15 mins
Using Online Research For Customer Research
14 mins
Building A Customer Insights Bank
5 mins
Expanding Into New Markets
7 mins
Product: The Second Factor Of Growth
3 mins
How To Build A Product You Can Market
7 mins
JTBD: Jobs To Be Done
24 mins
How To Do A Competitive Analysis
10 mins
Product Innovation Strategies
23 mins
Model: The Third Factor Of Growth
5 mins
Crafting Your Activation Model
31 mins
Crafting Your Pricing Model
24 mins
Using Pricing Strategies
11 mins
Choosing, Testing, And Revising Pricing
27 mins
Crafting Your Onboarding
22 mins
Retention Strategies You'll Regret Not Implementing
51 mins
Email Campaign Templates
Messaging & Positioning
Messaging & Positioning: The Fourth Factor Of Growth
8 mins
Crafting Your Positioning
20 mins
Motivating Action With Words
10 mins
How To Make Copywriting Write Itself
21 mins
A/J Testing Messaging & Positioning
2 mins
Channels: The Fifth Factor Of Growth
3 mins
The Customer Journey & Stages Of Awareness
12 mins
What Makes Someone A Qualified Prospective Customer?
28.5 KB
How To Run Growth Experiments
20 mins
Value-Based Marketing
5 mins
A Guide To Landing Pages
22 mins
SEO Made Simple
49 mins
SEO Cheatsheet by Moz
495 KB
Content Marketing
42 mins
Performance Ad Channels
32 mins
Sponsorship Ad Channels
7 mins
Referral Marketing
8 mins
Affiliate Marketing
10 mins
Partner And Reseller Marketing
5 mins
Community Marketing
5 mins
Event & Experiential Marketing
18 mins
Engineering As Marketing
10 mins
Direct Mail
3 mins
Inbound Sales
15 mins
Outbound Sales
13 mins
How To Upsell & Cross-Sell
5 mins
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Bonus: From The Experts
Pedro Cortes: How To Write A SaaS Landing Page That Converts
(1h 03m 39s)
Aaron Krall: Onboarding That Converts
51 mins
Asia Matos Orangio: Demand Generation for SaaS
(1h 22m 29s)
[Slides] Demand Generation for SaaS
3.42 MB
Brendan Hufford: SEO for SaaS
28 mins
[Slides] SEO for SaaS
6.16 MB
Val Geisler: SaaS Retention
56 mins
Louis Nicholls: B2B SaaS Sales
(1h 08m 05s)