Corey Haines

Helping SaaS Founders, Marketers, and Indie Hackers Make Sense Of Marketing

SaaS Marketing Crash Course

A free course devoted to helping you market your SaaS, covering topics like: What makes marketing SaaS different than any other type of products? 5...

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Notion For Marketers

Learn how I use Notion , an all-in-one workspace, to completely manage everything in marketing from project management, editorial calendars, product launches, spreadsheets, notes, wikis,...

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Marketing For SaaS Indie Hackers

Just because you're not a "marketing guy" doesn't mean you can't be a great marketer. Learn to: Think, talk, and strategize like a marketer Pre-sell...

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Content Marketing Flywheel

Go from zero to content marketing hero Blogging that attracts and converts your best customers Podcasting that builds a library of evergreen content Video that's...

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